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Golden Doodle Puppy Pricing

Standard Goldendoodles (50lbs plus) ….$1250
Reservation Fee ….$500
Abstract and Parti Markings ….additional $300
Tuxedo & Unusual Colors ….additional $600


What kind of training and socialization methods do you use to ensure your puppies have excellent temperaments?

At Amy’s Golden Doodles, we use a variety of training and socialization methods to ensure our puppies have excellent temperaments. We start by providing our puppies with plenty of love and attention from the moment they are born, and strive to ensure they feel safe and comfortable in their environment. Additionally, we use positive reinforcement to train our puppies and provide them with regular and consistent socialization experiences with people and other animals. This allows them to be comfortable in new and unfamiliar environments, as well as helps them to become more confident and well-mannered. We also use puppy obedience classes, such as basic obedience and puppy kindergarten, to further enhance their socialization and training experiences.

What kind of socialization skills can customers expect from the puppies?

Customers can expect puppies from Amy’s Golden Doodles to have excellent socialization skills. These include being social and friendly with all people, including strangers, as well as being sociable and comfortable with other pets. The puppies will also have been accustomed to everyday noises, such as the vacuum cleaner, a doorbell, and a washing machine. Furthermore, the puppies will have been habituated to a variety of surfaces, such as dirt, grass and carpet, and to different handling and play activities. All of this helps to create puppies with gentle nature, loving temperaments, and an easygoing nature.

How does the pre-spoiling process ensure the puppies are healthy and happy?

Our puppies are provided with the best possible care and attention. We start taking care of our puppies the moment they are born, with each mother being monitored diligently to ensure the health and well-being of both her and the puppies. We make sure that the mothers have plenty of attention and TLC so that they can provide the best possible care for their puppies. We also ensure that the puppies are monitored regularly and given plenty of TLC from the moment they are born.

Why is it important to have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian?

It is important to have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian because they are specially trained and educated to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases and health conditions in animals. A veterinarian can make sure that your puppy has been properly vaccinated, provide advice on how to care for them, and will be able to identify any potential health issues quickly.